Board of Directors

Paul Owens (Board Chair), Peter Thomas, Delano Tolley, Dennis Callihoo
Kathryn Oviatt, Christine Bernard, Janet Patriquin, Patti Pacholek (Missing Katherine Weaver)

Board Chair – Paul Owens CTAJTM  (2019-21)

Vice Chair – Peter Thomas, CTAJTM (2020-22)

Director –Patti Pacholek (2019-21)

Secretary/Treasurer – Delano Tolley, CD (2020-22)

Director – Janet Patriquin, CTAJTM (2020-22)

Director – Dennis Callihoo, Q.C., CTAJTM (2020-22)

Director – Christine Bernard, CTAJTM (2019-21)

Director – Kathryn Oviatt (2019-21)

DirectorTim MacFarlane, CTAJTM, (2020-22)

Director – Betty McMorrow, (2020-22)

Director at Large – James Orr (2020-21)

Director at Large – Cathy Claughton, CTAJTM (2020-21)

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Board Members sit on one or more committees, Executive, Strategic Planning and Risk Management or Finance Committee.