Custom Courses

The Foundation of Administrative Justice can offer custom courses in five ways:

  1. Delivering the standard course materials and exercises on custom dates outside the regular course schedule
  2. Customizing the agenda from a regular course to meet the needs of the group
  3. Customizing the exercises from a regular course to meet the needs of the group
  4. Developing a new course to meet the needs of the group
  5. Combining one or more regular courses to meet the needs of the group.

Benefits of Custom Courses

Custom training events offer the organization many benefits:

  • We offer a comprehensive and interactive approach. Through lectures, small group and class exercises, and case scenarios. Training focuses on developing competencies and advancing knowledge, skills, attitudes, and ethics. The materials, presentations, and ensuing discussions assist in better understanding the subject matter in detail. The (teaching) methods emphasize collaborative problem-solving.
  • Dates compatible with the organization’s workload and training needs.
  • The audience is limited to the organization’s members, staff, and invitees to allow discussion of organization rules, challenges, and case generalities in a private setting.
  • The ability to provide learning for all your people at the one time – build competencies and best practices more quickly, enable senior and junior participants to create mentoring partnerships, and change practices, rules, or approaches.
  • Personal attention from the Foundation faculty.
  • For customized materials or exercises:
    • Input into the agenda, and
    • Exercises related to the organization’s legislation, structure, and work.

Examples of possible custom training topics:

  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Decision Making & Assessing Grievances
  • Evidence & Fair Practices in Hearings
  • Duty to Act Fairly
  • Governance for Locals
  • Advanced Decision Making
  • Advanced Decision Writing
  • Effective Witnesses
  • Single Adjudicators Clinic

Process for Obtaining a Custom Course

If you wish to arrange for a custom course, email info@FOAJ.ca or call 1-855-466-0501.

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