Custom Courses

The Foundation of Administrative Justice will offer custom courses for a tribunal or group in any of five ways:

  1. Delivering the standard course materials and exercises on custom dates outside the regular course schedule
  2. Customizing the agenda from a regular course to meet the needs of the group
  3. Customizing the exercises from a regular course to meet the needs of the group
  4. Developing a new course to meet the needs of the group
  5. Combining one or more regular courses to meet the needs of the group.

Examples of possible custom training topics:

Benefits of Custom Courses

Custom courses offer the organization:

  • Dates compatible with the organization’s workload
  • Input into the agenda
  • Exercises directly related to the organization’s legislation, structure, and cases
  • Personal attention from the instructor
  • The audience limited to the organization’s members, staff, and invitees
  • Ability to discuss organization rules, challenges, and case generalities in a private setting
  • Training delivered at your location or center, often saving travel costs for your attendees

Process for Obtaining a Custom Course

If you wish to arrange for a custom course,  email info@FOAJ.ca or call 1-855-466-0501.


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