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     Certificate in Tribunal          Administrative Justice™

     Certificate in Tribunal          Administrative Justice™

Supports competencies in administrative justice roles.



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    Tribunal Administrative           Justice Bursary

    Tribunal Administrative           Justice Bursary

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Administrative law impacts us all in so many ways every day. It is important that the decision makers are well trained. Our training results in better written and well-timed decisions usually with fewer appeals to the higher courts, and subsequently lower organizational costs. We help create a more efficient and effective environment for decision makers to work in.
The Foundation of Administrative Justice teaches the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to tackle appeals, decisions, investigations, hearings, and other matters related to the work of tribunals. We developed a training curriculum to educate members of ABCs (agencies, boards, and commissions), unions, legal firms, professional associations, and other organizations. Through the training of a fair process, we hope to bring ‘justice’ to administrative law.

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