About Us

The Foundation of Administrative Justice provides essential training for the administrative law community and the people who appear before them. These administrative tribunals have a tremendous influence on the day-to-day lives of many people, arguably even more so than the criminal or civil courts do.  As part of the broad quasi-judicial system, these tribunals decide rights and entitlements related to licensing, money and benefits owed and the status of people and things. They are often known as the ABCs, or agencies, boards, and commissions of the federal and provincial governments. Tribunals also include public-sector appeal bodies and committees for municipalities, colleges, and universities.  They reach into the private sector through appeal and discipline committees for professional organizations, sports groups, unions, and other associations.

The Foundation offers a Certificate program: Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™). This Certificate assists tribunals and participants to evaluate and support competencies in administrative justice roles.  The Certificate is acquired once 77 credits are completed. These are based on a comprehensive collection of the courses the Foundation offers, along with an exam at the end of every course. We offer four certificate streams once the credit requirements have been completed: Tribunal Member, Advocate, Administrator, or Investigator.

The Foundation has instructors from across Canada with experience in various administrative justice systems.  Our courses are accessible and offered regularly throughout the year to provide opportunities for professional development through Livestream and Elearning.  These courses focus on interpreting laws, presenting and weighing evidence, holding effective hearings, decision making, decision writing, human rights, diversity, inclusion, and equity for tribunals. Our training may qualify for continuing professional development (CPD) credits.

If you are involved in administrative justice work or interested in a potential appointment to an ABC, our training will be beneficial to you. We welcome your participation in our professional society and encourage you to become a member.

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