Since becoming a Platinum member in 2016, 48 employees have registered for the Certificate program. Participating in the FOAJ programs helped our organization deliver our services in a manner that is meeting stakeholders expectations. It is truly helping us achieve our Vision, Mission and Values. [read more]

Workers’ Safety & Compensation Commission NWT and Nunavut 

We are excited for you as you celebrate your 20th anniversary of offering essential education in understanding, making and communicating administrative decisions in a regulatory environment…FOAJ education has brought clarity to our decisions appearing before an appeals tribunal, resulting in higher confirmed rates. [read more]


We have been able to create a standardized, transparent process for staff and stakeholders… [a]s a result, we’ve reduced our decisions from approximately 30 pages down to 10 or under. Through the implementation of much of our training, we’ve been able to reduce hearing to decision release time from a high of 272 days in 2012 to 45 days in 2018. [read more]

Saskatchewan Municipal Board 

WorkSafeNB – 2016

As an independent consultant I have found the FOAJ classes and certification program extremely valuable to my career. Much of my work is focused on appealing WCB decisions for employers at the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation.  The courses offered with the FOAJ allowed me to greatly enhance my effectiveness at appeal hearings, as well as mentor and coach my clients who want to appeal decisions on their own.

The courses are very detailed, the material provided is excellent and the instructors facilitated discussion that pushed students out of their comfort zones. The FOAJ students have diverse backgrounds and I have met several amazing people in the classes that I have attended.  For example, the evidence and decision making courses have helped me work more effectively with other regulations such as OHS, Human Rights and FOIP legislation – guidelines that I use on a daily basis.

Having the CTAJ™ designation will only enhance my career and allow me to expand my interest in the areas of tribunals and fair decision making.  I am so grateful to have found this association and I look forward to seeing its ongoing growth in years to come.

Kessie Stevens – Artissolutions.ca

The course was excellent. I will be taking two or three more courses in the year ahead to finish my Certificate, and I look forward to each one as they are well organized and delivered. Coming from a past life as a college instructor and life-long learner, I compliment you on the quality and value of the FOAJ courses and program.

Julie Hindbo B.Ed., Appeals Coordinator, City of Red Deer  

“I love your program.  It gives participants a common language, a logical and sound structure in approaching tribunal work from a place of competency, and one that speaks to administrative fairness and natural justice.”  Grant Paziuk

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I just wanted to write and tell you that although I wasn’t certain at the time of completion of the course what affect the course content might make relative to my own decision writing I now have some insights.

Since taking the course I have written 3 arbitral decisions and I can say without any doubt that my written decisions are:

  • clearer
  • more logical in approach; and
  • easier to read.

Thank you for choosing to take the time to teach this course amidst your busy practice!  I know that I as well as readers of my decisions have already benefited from the knowledge transferred at the course.  Michelle M. Simpson, Simpson Law

The training initiatives FOAJ offers are excellent, the SMB has utilized your services as an organization (for group training specific to the SMB) and more are “in the works”, and I have personally learned a great deal from your CTAJ program and your excellent trainers. We look forward to a continued good working relationship with FOAJ and wish you much success in these new on-line training initiatives!  Gordon Hubbard, Saskatchewan Municipal Board

Parole Board of Canada – 2013

Seven Questions with FOAJ Director Gerald Baron, Safety Codes Council

Once again, I am amazed at the level of knowledge of your instructors. Anonymous – from course evaluations.

I strongly recommend anyone that works directly or indirectly with decision making bodies that they consider the Foundation of Administrative Justice’s certificate program. Despite my working in this field for many years, I found the program to be very informative and challenging. The specific courses I attended not only provided a good refresher in many of the key areas of administrative justice, they also introduced me to principles and issues I never considered before. I was very impressed with how well organized the course materials were and found the instructors to be both professional and knowledgeable. The program has certainly strengthened my skills in this field which in turn has improved the overall quality of my work.  Gregory Kelly, Worker’s Safety and Compensation Commission of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut

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The training that I received through the FOAJ certificate program provided me with the knowledge and practical experience to successfully run appeal hearings. The templates and reference materials that the FOAJ provides continue to be valuable resources that allow for a consistent approach to difficult matters. Discussions and practical exercises provide a diverse outlook and allows for networking opportunities during the session. The FOAJ Certificate program has provided me a solid base to develop my skills and confidence as a panel chair.  Peter Schaefer, Occupational Health and Safety Council

At a point where I am completing the Certificate Program, I can look back and see how the courses have been of exceptional value to me in serving in the various Administrative Justice roles that I play. Of particular note, the progressive manner in which the courses are built one upon another, allows for easy advancement of administrative procedures and skills. I especially appreciate the Decision Making Course which should be a prerequisite to the Decision Writing Course.

I also endorse the parallel streams of the Program which allow support personnel to advance their skills and knowledge of Administrative Justice goals and procedures. As a support to a number of Yukon Boards, these courses enable me to feel confident in my ability to support the Board Chairs and members.

Barbara Evans
Chief Adjudicator, Yukon Human Rights Board of Adjudication
Vice Chair, Yukon Employment Standards Board
Chair, Yukon Education Appeal Tribunal
Board of Directors, Yukon Workers Compensation Health & Safety Board
Executive Assistant, Yukon Capability & Consent Board
Executive Assistant, Yukon Municipal Board

Training has been crafted to our specific needs and provides focused learning objectives. As well, the knowledge of the course instructors has exceeded our expectations.

We look forward to continuing to meet our organizations learning objectives through the FOAJ. I highly recommend the courses offered by the FOAJ for any organization seeking to upgrade advocacy skills. Barry Nowoselsky, Chairperson, PS/GE Negotiating Committee, SGEU Public Service Sector

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