Our Tribunal members and legal staff took the online Decision-making course as group training.  We all met in a boardroom and took the training together, which allowed us to apply the Decision-making course to our Tribunal and promoted discussion about our practices and ways to improve. As an added benefit, taking Decision-making in the Elearning format allowed us to minimize travel costs.

Christine M. Bernard, Financial and Consumer Services Tribunal

I would like to commend the foundation on the E-Course – I found it very well structured, user friendly, and functional. As well, the instructor was excellent due to her ability to explain and demonstrate the concepts of the course materials, and her depth of knowledge and perspective. The course materials aligned well with the video presentation. Although I would have enjoyed the in-person training as much or more (the benefits being interaction with the instructor and participants), as I am based in Lethbridge, the option to take this course on line allowed for timely training that is relevant for my work.

 Jennifer N

Since becoming a Platinum member in 2016, 48 employees have registered for the Certificate program. Participating in the FOAJ programs helped our organization deliver our services in a manner that is meeting stakeholders expectations. It is truly helping us achieve our Vision, Mission and Values. [read more]

Workers’ Safety & Compensation Commission NWT and Nunavut 

We are excited for you as you celebrate your 20th anniversary of offering essential education in understanding, making and communicating administrative decisions in a regulatory environment…FOAJ education has brought clarity to our decisions appearing before an appeals tribunal, resulting in higher confirmed rates. [read more]


We have been able to create a standardized, transparent process for staff and stakeholders… [a]s a result, we’ve reduced our decisions from approximately 30 pages down to 10 or under. Through the implementation of much of our training, we’ve been able to reduce hearing to decision release time from a high of 272 days in 2012 to 45 days in 2018. [read more]

Saskatchewan Municipal Board 

WorkSafeNB – 2016

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