Presenting Cases Before Tribunals

Presenting Cases is a two day hands on skill building experience.  The participants learn what and how to prepare an effective case before a tribunal or decision maker. They discover what matters to decision makers. Participants will practice particular skills and techniques through a mock hearing. They take away tips, practice guides, and forms. This course will be particularly useful for staff or advocates who appear before tribunals.  (14 Education Credits)

Purpose:  To develop your case presentation skills and to make your presentations more effective and successful.

Participants will take away:

  • three key principles to ensure fairness in hearings
  • 6 things to consider and 12 questions to ask when preparing for the hearing
  • a format to organize your materials for ease of presentation
  • tips to identify potential questions for the evidence
  • a checklist for an opening statement for your case
  • 5 key things to include a closing argument for your case
  • confidence in presenting cases.

Recommended prior FOAJ Training: Principles of Administrative Justice
$1,070 Members / $1,320.00 Non Members