Evidence is a two-day intermediate evidence course for those familiar with the law of evidence presented in the evidence component in Principles of Administrative Justice course.

The focus is to assist tribunal members, administrators and advocates acquire additional skills and tools related to working with gathering, admitting and weighing evidence. Through lecture and large and small group exercises, participants will practice dealing with evidentiary applications and common evidentiary issues, such as relevance and admissibility of evidence and assessing credibility within their tribunal context. This course qualifies for the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™). (14 Professional Education Hours)

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Provide tips and tools for common evidentiary matters facing tribunals.
  • Work with evidence before, during and after the hearing.
  • Build competencies in dealing with evidentiary matters.

Course Outcomes – Participants will take away:

  • an understanding of the standard of proof and the burden of proof
  • tips and tools for effectively dealing with evidence before, during and after a hearing
  • procedures to resolve common evidentiary applications in fact situations
  • a process for compelling the attendance of witness and the production of documents, where allowed
  • tips about an affidavit, its uses and limitations
  • experience in analyzing legislation to identify relevant evidence to meet the applicable legal tests
  • tools to evaluate evidence to reach findings of fact
  • membership in a network of fellow decision makers
  • a self-learning plan.

Recommended prior FOAJ Training:  Principles of Administrative Justice
$1,070 Members / $1,320.00 Non Members