Decision Making

Solid decision making is the key to well written decisions. Decision Making is a 14 hour course that gives participants a structure for and experience with a practical decision making process. Participants work with a model for decision making to gain confidence in its use. The course covers key elements of solid decision making:  identifying and framing the issues, interpreting the legislation, identifying and applying the relevant legal tests, sorting and weighing the evidence, and applying the relevant facts to the legislation. This course is a must for any decision maker.  The course includes large and small group discussion and exercises. This course qualifies for the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™). (14 Professional Education Hours)

The objectives of this course is to:

  • Provide a logical framework to decision making.
  • Work with a decision making model.
  • Build competencies in defensible decision making.

Course Outcomes – Participants will take away:

  • appreciation of different styles of decision making
  • a decision making model and template
  • tools to naturalize consistency in decision making
  • experience in analyzing legislation to identify issues and the applicable legal tests
  • tools to evaluate evidence to reach findings of fact
  • experience integrating a dependable process for decision making designed to reach a logical decision based on the legislation and facts
  • membership in a network of fellow decision makers
  • tips and tools to enhance their decision making experiences
  • confidence in making understandable and defendable decisions
  • a self-learning plan.

Recommended prior FOAJ Training:  Principles of Administrative Justice & Evidence
$1,070 Members / $1,320.00 Non Members

Decision Making is available through e-Learning.