Advanced Decision Making

Advanced Decision Making is a 7-hour clinic that continues the discussion and builds on the skills developed in Decision Making and Decision Writing.   The Courts increasingly focus on the quantity and quality of reasons in administrative tribunal decisions.  Yet tribunals are required to balance this obligation for reasons against fairness, efficiency and limited resources.   The clinic will include best practices for approaches to writing clear, concise and complete reasons for different types of cases – e.g. mostly fact-finding, mostly legal issues, many witnesses, many documents, multiple issues, unrepresented parties, controversial cases etc. (7 Professional Education Hours)

Prerequisite:  Completion of the CTAJTM & Decision Making, Decision Writing & Evidence.

Learning Outcomes

  • explain and apply the guidance of the courts on the adequate reasons
  • to plan your decision-making to capture adequate reasons to include the written decision.

In-Person or Livestream: $850.00 Members / $1,100.00 Non Members

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