This one-day workshop focuses on how the tribunal processes and its practices impact the hearing calendar and the tribunal’s case load. How do you manage heavy case loads? Reduce hearing time? Balance client and budgetary demands? Deal with difficult clients? Improve settlement rates? Improve tribunal stakeholder relations? This course touches on all these items.  It includes tips and strategies for meeting case management challenges.  (7 Education Credits)

Workshop Purposes:

  • To apply a structured approach to designing or amending a case management system for a tribunal.
  • To troubleshoot case management issues for a tribunal.
  • To identify strategies to meet case management challenges.
  • To implement case management strategies to improve the tribunal case management system.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • tools to evaluate and enhance their case management processes and systems
  • confidence in troubleshooting case management challenges
  • a self-learning plan.

Recommended prior FOAJ Training:  Principles of Administrative Justice
$850 Members / $1,100 Non Members