It is a busy month for the FOAJ as we host our Annual General Meeting, CTAJ™ Graduation and the Human Rights and Charter Values for Tribunals course in Edmonton.

The FOAJ Annual General Meeting and CTAJ™ Graduation

April 16th, 2019

Radisson Edmonton South – Palm Room

Edmonton, AB

Evening Agenda

5:30pm – Welcome Reception & Dinner

6:30pm – Annual General Meeting

7:30pm – Certificate in Tribunal Administrative JusticeTM Graduation

8:00pm – Presentation

8:30pm – Networking

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Human Rights and Charter Values for Tribunals Course

April 15 & 16, 2019


Instructors: Adrian Wright/Sheldon Toner

The Charter of Rights plays an important role in the work of most tribunals.  Many may rely on the Human Rights Act in the course of making a decision.

We are excited to announce that the Human Rights and Charter Values for Tribunals course is coming to Edmonton in April! This two-day course covers the essential features of both the Charter of Rights and the Human Rights Act.  It is relevant to tribunal members, advocates and staff.

The purpose of this advanced workshop:

  • Overview of Charter of Rights and Human Rights
  • Analysis of human rights legislation
  • Recognizing human rights issues problems by decision-makers and staff
  • Presenting human rights cases
  • Knowing what to do when confronted with human rights issues
  • Understanding and developing a process for addressing human rights issues in the tribunal context
  • Sensitivity to human rights issues

Who should take this advanced workshop:

  • Decision-makers in areas likely to encounter human rights issues. This could be any administrative tribunal but principally in the areas of human rights, workers’ compensation, employment standards, social assistance, student loans, landlord tenant, immigration, and pensions.
  • Administrators of decision-makers in these areas
  • Advocates appearing before these decision-makers
  • Staff in organizations encountering human rights issues

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