Custom Courses

The Foundation of Administrative Justice will offer custom courses for a tribunal or group in any of five ways:

  1. Delivering the standard course materials and exercises on custom dates outside the regular course schedule
  2. Customizing the agenda from a regular course to meet the needs of the group
  3. Customizing the exercises from a regular course to meet the needs of the group
  4. Developing a new course to meet the needs of the group
  5. Combining one or more regular courses to meet the needs of the group.

Examples of additional custom training offered:

  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Decision Making & Assessing Grievances
  • Evidence & Fair Practices in Hearings
  • Investigations
  • Duty to Act Fairly
  • Governance for Locals
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Attractions of Custom Courses

Custom courses offer the organization many attractions:

  • Dates compatible with the organization’s workload
  • Input into the agenda
  • Exercises directly related to the organization’s legislation, structure and cases
  • Personal attention from the instructor
  • Audience limited to the organization’s members, staff and invitees
  • Ability to discuss organization rules, challenges and case generalities in a private setting
  • Training delivered at your location or centre, often saving travel costs for your attendees


Terms and Conditions of Custom Courses

The following terms and conditions apply to all custom training:

  1. The organization or group must be a Platinum organization member of FOAJ in the year the training is quoted and provided. The Platinum membership fee is an annual fee of $1500.00.
  2. The organization is responsible to reimburse FOAJ for any instructor travel expenses, in accordance with the FOAJ Expense Policy.
  3. The organization is responsible for the arrangements and costs for the course facilities, equipment, and refreshments.
  4. GST is extra unless the organization provides a GST exemption number.
  5. At least 45 calendar days in advance of the course date, the organization must complete Group Registration Form for all participants for the certificates. This list is the basis of our billing.
  6. FOAJ will invoice the organization once the contract is signed.  Invoice payment is due 30 in days.
  7. If a person cancels within 21 calendar days of the course date or does not attend the course, the registration fee is not refundable. Substitutions are allowed until the course begins.
  8. Participants receive a set of materials at the course. They also receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.
  9. FOAJ may want to have a brief meeting with the organization to identify the areas to amend the agenda, to get ideas and materials for the exercises, or to discuss the group needs for a new course or combined courses.
  10. Course dates are set in consultation with the organization.
  11. FOAJ retains the copyright on all materials produced unless otherwise contracted.

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Custom Course Fees

FOAJ will prepare a quote if desired. Discounts are available if contracting three or more custom courses. Registration fees are charged per person registered, with a minimum charge for 16 persons, unless otherwise quoted.


Process for Obtaining a Custom Course

If you wish to arrange for a FOAJ custom course:

  • Complete the Custom Course Request Form and send it by fax to 780-466-8015 or email to info@FOAJ.ca.
  • Then FOAJ will contact you to discuss the custom course request and finalize arrangements.

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