Why get your CTAJ™?

CTAJ™ Graduates = 904
Enrolled in the program = 5,900

Why get your Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice?

1. More tribunals are using the certificate as a qualification to sit on their board.
2. Organizations are using our training as a compensation incentive.
3. Demonstrate your knowledge and skills through the independent assessments
4. Professional development
5. Make a greater impact on your tribunal
6. Less decisions appealed
7. Save time, money and resources
8. Provide an avenue of evaluation and support competencies in all administrative justice roles
9. Support that all parties of the appeal process taking their relevant certification provides administrative justice standards and best practices
10. Support a higher quality appeal process for all participants

Organizations that are invested in the CTAJ™ program:


“We brought in FOAJ to provide full training to everybody in our appeals system. The training was excellent, challenging, and adapted to our specific needs. We found that each course built on what was learned in the others and we benefited by doing the entire slate of certificate courses rather than just pick and choose. There is no doubt that, as a direct result of the FOAJ training, we will be able to provide a higher quality appeal process to our clients. I heartily recommend the FOAJ training to anyone involved in appeals.”
Mark Hill
Director, Corporate Services
Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board

“The Certificate Program was truly awesome and the material was very relevant and applicable to the work I do.
Thanks again!”
Cheryl Solonenko
Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union

“Training has been crafted to our specific needs and provides focused learning objectives. As well, the knowledge of the course instructors has exceeded our expectations. We look forward to continuing to meet our organizations learning objectives through the FOAJ. I highly recommend the courses offered by the FOAJ for any organization seeking to upgrade advocacy skills.”
Barry Nowoselsky
PS/GE Negotiating Committee
SGEU Public Service Sector

“At a point where I am completing the Certificate Program, I can look back and see how the courses have been of exceptional value to me in serving in the various administrative justice roles that I play. Of particular note, the progressive manner in which the courses are built one upon another, allows for easy advancement of administrative procedures and skills. I also endorse the parallel streams of the program which allow support personnel to advance their skills and knowledge of administrative justice goals and procedures. As a support to a number of Yukon boards, these courses enable me to feel confident in my ability to support the board chairs and members.”
Barbara Evans
• Chief Adjudicator, Yukon Human Rights Board of Adjudication
• Vice Chair, Yukon Employment Standards Board
• Chair, Yukon Education Appeal Tribunal Board of Directors, Yukon Workers Compensation Health & Safety Board
• Executive Assistant, Yukon Capability & Consent Board
• Executive Assistant, Yukon Municipal Board