CTAJ™ Certificate Program

Since January 1, 2009 the Foundation of Administrative Justice offers a Certificate program: Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice (CTAJ™)! A first in Canada, this Certificate assists tribunals and participants to evaluate and support competencies in administrative justice roles.

There are four (4) streams to the Certificate.

1. Tribunal Member (for the appointed or elected board members and decision-makers)
2. Administrator (for staff and other support personnel)
3. Advocate (for clients, presenters and counsel)
4. Investigator (for those locating evidence for decision making)

Program Requirements

  • attend the course in full
  • write the exam and obtain 65% or better for each course
  • Complete education requirements – see below chart
  • complete the Certificate application form and pay the required application fee

Education Requirements 

Certificate Core Courses (49 credits) Required Courses Elective Courses
Tribunal Member Decision Making Any approved FOAJ
course, clinic or workshop to complete the balance of 77 credits

Administrator Case Management Practices
Advocate Presenting Cases before Tribunals
Investigator Investigations









Exam and Application Fees (GST extra):

  1. Rewrite Exam – $75.00
  2. Challenge Exam – $95.00
  3. Refresher Course & Exam – $195.00
  4. Certificate Application – $175.00