April 12 & 13, 2011

Lister Hall, University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB

Tribunals continually seek to keep current on legal issues, both for their work today and to anticipate processes and costs for the future. This conference brings together a wide variety of leading tribunal members, counsel and advocates exploring legal issues facing tribunals today and in the future.


Sessions & Speakers


Assessing Credibility of Witnesses
Leanne Chahley, Philip Ponting, & James T. Casey

How do Tribunals & Clients Make the Perfect Match?
Brian Curial & Lyle Kanee

Single Adjudicators:  Who do you Talk to?
Anne Wallace & Jim McCartney

Content of a Decision:  What do Reasons Include?
Julie Gagnon (Paper)
Gilbert Van Nes

Bias:  Is the Circle Getting Smaller?
Juliana Saxberg (Paper)
Sandy Hermiston

Navigating a complicated Tribunal Process
David Merner

Privacy & Confidentiality in Tribunal Proceedings
Gary Perkins & Ian Mackenzie

A Review of the Leading Cases from the Courts
Dean Philip Bryden

The Power of Positive Communication
Brenda Robinson