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  • Secrets of Syntax – April 6, 2019 with Frances Peck
    • We’ve all flipped a sentence around, or dismantled it and then recombined it, only to find that suddenly it comes to life. Why does that happen? How can we become more adept at manipulating word order—or syntax—to boost clarity, emphasis, and rhythm? This seminar looks at syntax from various angles, including how to shape it for different genres and readers. Topics covered include subordination and coordination, periodic versus cumulative sentences, proximity of subject and verb, echo words, and special techniques such as ellipsis and isolation.
  • FOAJ Annual General Meeting  – April 16, 2019 Radisson Edmonton South 5:30 – 9:00pm
    • Draft Agenda posted to the Member Virtual Boardroom – Register Here
  • ADR Institute of Alberta Training
    • Communications in ADR
    • National Introductory Arbitration
    • Conflict Management for HR Professionals
    • National Introductory Mediation
    • Mediation Role-Play Intensive
    • Advanced Workplace Resoration and Workplace Fairness Analyst Certification
    • High Conflict Mediation: Managing Conflict & Complexity in Mediation
    • Consensus Decision Making
    • Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Circles
    • Separation and Divorce Mediation: Foundations, Parenting Plans and Child Support