Single Adjudicator’s Clinic

Single Adjudicator’s Clinic is a 7-hour clinic for all decision makers who work alone, with or without staff assistance.  You will examine a series of case studies to cover pre-hearing, hearing and post hearing matters.

Process challenges arise for every decision maker, but may appear more difficult when you are working alone.  Are self-represented parties more difficult before a single adjudicator?  How do you deal with disclosure and evidentiary issues?  What do you do when what you intend to decide differs from how other adjudicators have decided on the same issue?  Should you share pertinent information or previous cases you know with the parties? What works well to manage logistics?  Do single adjudicators panic and if so, how do they overcome the panic?  In addition to sharing with experienced course leaders, you can share with and learn from your colleagues in other tribunals.   (7 Professional Education Hours)

Clinic Purposes:

  • To enhance your tools and skills to work as a single adjudicator
  • To provide tips and tools for single adjudicators
  • To identify resources for single adjudicators.

Clinic Outcomes:

  • confirmation of the restraints and powers given to a decision maker in the legislation.
  • tips for a decision maker when dealing with video evidence.
  • understanding of the decision maker’s role when acting as mediator or case manager before a hearing.
  • techniques to deal with party conduct.
  • techniques to deal with self represented parties.
  • resources to deal with constitutional and charter challenges.
  • resources to deal with interpretation and evidentiary questions.
  • resources to deal with decision writing questions.
  • a network of colleagues to consult on new and difficult situations
  • confidence in working as a single adjudicator.

Prerequisite:  Must be CTAJ™ Certified & 3 years of experience in the field.
In-Person: $850.00 Members / $1,100.00 Non Members