Decision Writing

Decision Writing is a two-day workshop building on the decision-writing module in the Principles of Administrative Justice course.  The focus is to assist tribunal members to acquire writing skills directly relevant to them.  The workshop will help participants bring a reader oriented perspective to writing decisions; organize and revise decisions to enhance logic and flow; write clear, concise and coherent decisions; and gain confidence in decision writing within their tribunal context.  Participants will practice particular skills and techniques through focused writing exercises and by drafting or revising a decision.  They will receive feedback on their exercises from an instructor.  The workshop will include large and small group discussion and exercises. (14 Education Credits)

Workshop Purposes:

  • To develop the writing skills directly relevant to tribunal members and staff.
  • To bring a reader oriented perspective to writing decisions
  • To make written decisions readable, understandable and transparent.

Workshop Outcomes – Participants will take away:

  • tools to assess their audience
  • tips and a format to enhance logic in reasons
  • four basic tips to make their decisions easier to understand
  • tips about how much evidence and argument to include
  • resources to aide in writing clear decisions
  • stronger familiarity with your own writing style
  • personal feedback on their writing skills
  • confidence in writing decisions.

Recommended prior FOAJ Training:  Principles of Administrative Justice, Evidence, & Decision Making
$1,070 Members / $1,320.00 Non Members