Cultural Competencies

 A global priority for a changing world.


Cultural Competencies is a 14-hour course is designed to engage participants in intermediate to advanced discussions about a topic of national importance.

Canadians are diverse in their racial, ethnic, religious, and linguistic backgrounds, representing over 200 ethnic groups. We are of different sexual orientation, ability, gender identity, and in many other ways. In 2015 the Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued calls to action for governments and educators which encourages training in cultural diversity, particularly about Aboriginal culture. Professionals need the appropriate skills and tools to be proactive.

Cultural competence affects fairness, ethical conduct, and fact-based decision-making. This workshop will help you understand more about the meaning and relevance of “cultural competence” and more about the nature of culture and its potential impact on behavior.

Attendees will examine the possible effect of cultural differences on their communications, judging witnesses, assessing evidence, conducting a fair proceeding, decision making, and decision writing. Participants will have an opportunity to identify best practices in dealing with issues of diversity.


  • To understand what we mean by “diversity” and “cultural sensitivity”
  • To develop an understanding of the dimensions of culture and how they influence behavior
  • To understand how assumptions can be helpful, or create barriers
  • To reflect on who we are, and how we present to others (intentionally or accidentally)
  • To understand how unconscious bias impacts your daily work
  • To develop skills to be more respectful in working together
  • To apply the principles and competencies to scenarios affecting administrative decision-makers and tribunals.

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