The Courses We Offer

Administrative law impacts us all in so many ways every day.  It is important that the decision makers are well trained. We encourage you to consider our education, particularly if you are involved in administrative tribunal work, or if you want to prepare for potential appointment to an agency, board, or commission.  Employers look favourably on applicants who have completed FOAJ courses and the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™.

We offer a variety of courses on a regular schedule throughout the year, and most qualify for the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice TM. Regular education days are scheduled in Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Whitehorse and the Atlantic Provinces.

What courses does the Foundation offer?

Who should take our courses?

The Foundation of Administrative Justice provides essential educational courses for tribunals and the people who appear before them. This also includes appeal and discipline committees for professional organizations, unions, and other professional associations.

While tribunal associated people are the core course participants, the foundation also can provide effective education to those appearing before tribunals. Are you from the Real Estate Council, the Nurses Association or the College of Physiotherapists? Are you a case manager, investigator, or appeals facilitator? Discover what our workshops and training can offer for your professional development.

What will you learn?

“Participating in the FOAJ programs helped our organization deliver our services in a manner that is meeting stakeholders expectations. It is truly helping us achieve our Vision, Mission and Values.”

– Workers’ Safety & Compensation Commission NWT and Nunavut

“The course curriculum has improved decision making and communication for our staff that render decisions related to all matters under the Workers’ Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act of New Brunswick. FOAJ education has also brought clarity to our decisions appearing before an appeals tribunal, resulting in higher confirmed rates.”


“We have been able to create a standardized, transparent process for staff and stakeholders… [a]s a result, we’ve reduced our decisions from approximately 30 pages down to 10 or under. Through the implementation of much of our training, we’ve been able to reduce hearing to decision release time from a high of 272 days in 2012 to 45 days in 2018.”

-Saskatchewan Municipal Board

“Since taking the course I have written 3 arbitral decisions and I can say without any doubt that my written decisions are:

  • Clearer
  • more logical in approach; and
  • easier to read.

Thank you for choosing to take the time to teach this course amidst your busy practice!  I know that I as well as readers of my decisions have already benefited from the knowledge transferred at the course.”

-Michelle M. Simpson, Simpson Law

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