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We are a nonprofit training organization that helps agencies, boards, and commissions educate their members and staff. Course participants include adjudicators, unions, professional disciplinary panels, first nations, other selected administrative justice tribunals and their related administrative staff.

Our training, results in better written and well-timed decisions usually with fewer appeals to the higher courts, and subsequent decreased organizational costs.  We help create a more efficient and effective environment for decision makers to work in, as well as educating the public in the daunting processes associated with many federal, provincial, municipal and professional organizations.

Administrative law impacts us all in so many ways every day.  It is important that the decision makers are well trained.

The Foundation is the only organization that provides certified and assessed education through the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™).   You can choose from three streams:

  • Tribunal Member – for appointed or elected board members and decision makers
  • Administrator – for staff and other support personnel
  • Advocate – for clients, presenters and counsel

More organizations are using the CTAJ™ Certification as a hiring qualification.

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You may be eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grants.  

Can’t find workers with the skills you need?  Consider training new or current employees through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant and get 2/3 of the direct training cost reimbursed up to $10,000 per person.  This employer driven program allows employers to decide on the type of training, who gets trained, and which eligible third-party trainer delivers the training. Find application forms and terms and conditions at